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Supervision of MSc and PhD students

I enjoy working with students, supporting their research projects and witnessing their brilliance and passion for knowledge and making the world a better place for all. 


I am currently first supervisor to five PhD students and two MSc students. Their work seeks to support education of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and to contribute to building peaceful and just societies. 

I have supervised one PhD student (University of Glasgow, 2022) and five MSc students to completion. My students have come from such diverse countries as Azerbaijan, China, Ghana, India, Pakistan/Afghanistan, Russia, Taiwan, Tunisia.

Courses I teach

Since 2022

This course provides an introduction to international and comparative education, for people interested in learning more about education as an international issue. In particular, the course:

  • introduces students to key concepts in international education such as globalisation, policy borrowing and postcolonialism

  • facilitates reflection on the nature of social justice on a global scale

  • familiarises participants with basic comparative methods including widely-used frameworks

  • facilitates reflection on the issues particular to international research including intercultural skills

Since 2022

This course aims to develop knowledge and skills for people who have an interest in the internationalisation of education at all levels. It sets the internationalisation agenda in the wider context of the competing imperatives of global education policy and local realities and needs. Students learn to apply conceptual tools from key theories in the field to current debates in international education. Examples for study include frameworks for 1. internationalisation of schools , 2/ internationalisation of tertiary education, and 3/ education for a globalised world (e.g., Education for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship Education). The course encourages a critical perspective on the rationale, logic, processes, and outcomes of internationalisaton.

Past courses

Modern Educational Thought (University of Glasgow)

Education for Sustainable Development (University of Hong Kong) 

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International and Comparative Education Course 2022

“I am short of words for Yulia! Thank you for giving me a whole new perspective on comparative education. Your course has been the biggest take away for me from this semester and I hope to continue researching more about comparative analysis."

International and Comparative Education Course 2022

"Yulia is an excellent, caring and brilliant lecturer. [...] I believe Yulia has created an extremely welcoming learning environment where I felt comfortable to share and to make questions. Also, the topics she selected made the course very interesting and had a nice pace."

International and Comparative Education Course 2022

“Yulia made sure we got the information and processed it well. She was kind and opened to all questions. I felt listened to and heard. She took into account our needs and designed the further lectures accordingly.”
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